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4 keys for a marine decoration

4 keys for a marine decoration

Marine decoration never ceases to be fashionable. This decoration is relaxing, nostalgic, pleasant and, above all, very welcoming. Find out here what are the 4 keys to a perfect marine decoration.

When summer approaches, marine decoration, also known as nautical decoration, comes into the picture.
You can go to the beach surrounded by accessories and details that remind us of the sea. Blue and white walls, large vases, cushions and all marine accessories are welcome at home.
We generally find marine decoration in second homes by the sea. But this decoration is valid for any residence.
The years pass, but marine decoration never ceases to be trendy. If this decoration tempts you, take advantage of this article. Here we give you four essential tips to achieve a perfect result.

The choice of colors for a perfect marine decoration

Marine decoration

As you can imagine, white and blue are the primary colours of marine decoration. The blue colour and the stripes are two decorative touches that cannot be missing!

You can use blue in all its tones, from celestial blue to indigo blue. This colour evokes the tranquillity and peace of the sea. As for white, you can use off-white, raw white or plain white.

While these two colours are the go-to for nautical decorating, you can still use other ones. Cedar, bottle green, grey, and even some shades of red are great options for nautical decor. Choose the colours according to your preferences and the mood you want to create.

Colour should not only be present in furniture, fabrics or decorative objects. The walls are also a fundamental element in marine decoration. Painting the walls in the proposed colours will evoke the sea’s tranquillity, spaciousness and cleanliness.


For a successful marine decoration, it is also necessary to consider the materials used. Wood is, without a doubt, the material that best reflects life at sea. In addition, wood is a welcoming material that helps us create a much warmer atmosphere.

The ideal for a perfect marine decoration would be to opt for wooden floors. But you can also use wood for the roof. Wooden friezes to dress the walls are also an excellent option.

Light colours are the most recommended for this type of decoration. White-painted wood is undoubtedly the best option.

Wood can also be present in chairs, tables and all furniture.

Decorative objects for a perfect marine decoration


All the details we can provide at the decorative level are essential to creating a marine atmosphere. You will find many accessories related to the marine world in the trade. These accessories will help you bring an exceptional touch to your interior.

Marine knots, boat anchors, boats, fish, shells or starfish, are welcome at home. These accessories immediately transport us to the world of the sea.

When it comes to fabrics for furniture, cushions, rugs, tablecloths or even napkins, stripes are, without a shadow of a doubt, the flagship print. Again, blue and white are the most appropriate colours to recreate a marine atmosphere.

Other decorative accessories can be a great option. This is the case with candles, lamps or even large vases. Choose objects in blue or white tones or that include natural elements that evoke the sea, such as shells or ropes.

If you want to add a more sophisticated touch, consider the following objects: a telescope, a lifebuoy, or an astrolabe …

 Abundant natural light


Light is an essential point for a perfect marine decoration. A space that evokes the marine world must be very illuminated. When we think of the sea, we imagine an open environment with lots of natural light and sunshine.

Thus, if you opt for a marine decoration, you must ensure that the space in question benefits from abundant natural light. Ideally, the sun and the outside light penetrate well into the space.

White will help you achieve this effect. We also advise you not to draw your curtains.

There are still many other marine accessories. Whenever possible, opt for items that have already been used. The idea is that these objects appear old. If they are worn, the rendering will then be even more successful. Remember to visit flea markets, markets or even some online sites…


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