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Decorate your bathroom without looking corny

Decorate your bathroom

Do not leave your bathroom  in a small corner anymore. An often forgotten piece, it nevertheless deserves a trendy and well-thought-out decoration. Are you running out of ideas? There are plenty of them to avoid making it a a corny space.

Neglected. The decoration of the bathroom  is (too) often put aside, coming after that of the living and restrooms. Small corners are nevertheless important in the house since they are efficient. All-over white is generally adopted to avoid making mistakes and, above all, to have a clean and bright room. By adding color, a material, or a pattern on the floor or a wall… it is easy to revive the decor of the bathroom .

The best tips for revamping your bathroom

The best tips for revamping your bathroom 

Because we stay there less time because it is a small room that does not have natural light… These are all reasons that make us forget the decoration of our bathroom . However, they are a natural space where your creativity can express itself. Need advice on how to revamp them? ELLE Decoration guides you.

Choose a paint that is suitable for small spaces

Decorate your bathroom paint

On the color side, the palette must be adapted to small rooms. Navy blue, dark green, mustard yellow, black… The bold colors will find their place on the wall behind the toilet. These paintings structure the room by giving it depth. These dark tones must be combined with white which brings light, visually enlarging the space. Lighter colors, such as pastels and nudes, may be more prominent. However, we avoid the total look, which will reduce your bathrooms.

Choose modern flooring

Decorate your bathroom modern flooring

More than in other rooms of the house, the flooring is central in the toilet because it is much more visible. It energizes a classic decoration. Trendy materials are given pride in places such as waxed concrete, original parquet flooring, and the essential tiles available in XXL or with patterns. Think again; the ornaments on the floor do not give the feeling of a small space; they wake up the decor and make all the difference.

Bet on canon accessories

Decorate your bathroom accessories

The bathroom  should be manageable with accessories; only the essentials are kept. Choose a small storage unit, a toilet paper holder, and a bathroom brush as real decorative objects. With touches of gold, Inwood will give all its style to this small room. Pay attention to your walls by adding designer shelves, a mirror, or photo frames.

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