How to build an outdoor terrace


Building an outdoor terrace is one of the most attractive features of your home. We cover various topics on the blog, from insulation and plumbing to your roof – although often of paramount importance in protecting your home, these modifications are sometimes more necessary than joking. 

Your project can have the potential to be entertaining and satisfying if you do it right.

Outside in summer brings a feeling of well-being, especially knowing that this season is not eternal.

You may be looking to maximize the functions of this installation so that it reflects and adapts to your lifestyle. Would you like to build an outdoor kitchen there? 

Do you want to make it a relaxation area? 

Will space and seating be needed for those around you?

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ll help you break down a short list of things you can keep in mind to make your outdoor patio layout easier.

building an outdoor terrace

When you think of setting up an outdoor terrace, think first of the two principles around which it will be designed. To have a layout that matches your lifestyle, it must be both functional and aesthetic.

You probably know it, but the layout of a terrace is often approached starting from the aesthetic aspect. On the other hand, a beautiful terrace is only sometimes pleasant.

A functional terrace allows you to carry out all your favorite activities easily. If it is well thought out, it will bring much more space available to carry out all your projects. On the other hand, an aesthetic terrace means everything, and its opposite depends on the person it addresses. The easiest trap into which it is possible to fall is to put aesthetics at the expense of functionality. Now that this little warning is made let’s see how to make your project a reality.

A functional outdoor terrace: how to arrange it?

Before considering a particular layout, you must measure the available area. This way, it will be easier to plan your outdoor furniture purchases according to the open space.

A functional terrace is durable – choose the appropriate protections for it. Staining a patio is an excellent opportunity to give it a new shine and protect it from the elements. 

Always in the spirit of using durable materials, protect the key areas of your layout: placing a mat near your barbecue can significantly reduce short and long-term maintenance.

You will also need to familiarize yourself with the applicable laws surrounding your deck construction. Find out from your municipality if you are undertaking development work that involves constructing or renovating part of the existing terrace. 

Pay special attention to the lighting. If you want to stay on your patio and chill out later in the evening, plan for the lighting that best suits your activities. For a reading session, you will need lighting near a chair. To speak with those around you, you will need mood lighting. Also, consider an insect-repellent lamp or mosquito-repellent!

An aesthetic terrace: where to start?

Once the functional part of your terrace is well-defined, you can move on to its aesthetic aspect. You can give free rein to your imagination at this stage!

To make this area of ​​your yard cozy, add some greenery: if it has a balcony, a visit to your local nursery will allow you to stock up with garden boxes and plants. Choose plants that adapt well to the particular condition of your outdoor terrace because a plant subjected to periods of sunshine more or less adapted to its needs affects its lifespan.

An effective way to arrange your outdoor terrace is to take inspiration from how living rooms are laid out: these two living spaces share the common point of wanting to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Place outdoor patio rugs and a few coffee tables to create the desired effect.

Again, if you want to use this place as an outdoor dining area, take inspiration from the accommodations in your kitchen! A comprehensive table, comfortable chairs and a little storage space to store some utensils can make your life easier.

In summary: what should you have in mind?

Your terrace must be aesthetic and functional. You will benefit very little from a terrace if it is poorly laid out, and measuring the available surface area makes all the difference when choosing outdoor furniture.

Reproduce part of what you like about your interior living spaces or think about their shortcomings to do differently in the layout of your terrace. Find a balance between your tastes and the ideas that could make your life easier to have the terrace of your dreams!

Most of the equipment and items used for the development of this area can be found at low cost. We regularly update our Deal of the Week article – check it out during the summer months if you’re looking for great deals for your new install!

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