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Lighting Cords for clever lighting

Hoopzï lighting cords are chic, stylish, and durable. Designed from biomaterials, they hang or stand according to creative desires.

French Linen Lighting Cords

Marc and Didier created Hoopzï four years ago. Since then, they have developed the French brand according to decorative trends. They promote innovative and local manufacturing techniques to provide objects that respect the environment. Lighting cords in French linen (woven in the North region), lampshades in oyster shells, packaging in recycled kraft… Hoopzï puts biomaterials in the spotlight through straight lines and designs.
From floor to ceiling, fixed or mobile… Lighting cords meet all styles. Chic, natural atmosphere, or industrial look, it’s up to you!

Pendant lights, ceiling lights, or nomadic bedside lamps

Pendant lights-ceiling lights-nomadic bedside lamps

Discreet or visible. With or without a lampshade. Hoopzï lighting cords offer a bright new look at lighting.

The suspensions are available in two ranges. The Bala plugs into the ground. Its 4.5 m cord climbs on a piece of furniture, clings to the ceiling, and wraps around a beam. The length of the cable allows large detours. And placed, the Bala(deuse) becomes a nomadic bedside lamp!
The Hang ceiling lamp starts from the ceiling. He drops his threads over a dining table, counter or sofa. One, two, three or five: depending on the number of cords, the decorative intention will vary. He sometimes stripped, sometimes daring.

For a natural decor

Pendant lights

Choice of raw string, white or black cotton, and vibrant colors. Lighting cords, sockets, and lampshades are available in different colours. From the softest to the most ostentatious. The opportunity to play with the dominant colors of a room according to the desired effect. Since July, the brand has offered five new shades in French linen: khaki, mustard, brick red, off-white, beige… To add a bit of naturalness to your bedroom or living room!

Compliant with the most demanding CE and TUV Lighting standards, Hoopzï pendant lights are guaranteed for 10 years. Wall lights, shelves, bulbs, fasteners, clamps… All the accessories offered are intended to facilitate the installation of light cords.

Metal cages and oyster shell lampshades

Metal cages lampshades

Most of the accessories are designed by the Parisian designer Philippe Arnaud. Flagship creation of the brand, its lampshade is made from oyster shell waste grown in France. A biomaterial, solid and soft to the touch, pleasant and cold. Designed in collaboration with the Berel company, based in Meaux. Available in black, ecru, or grey-beige and various shapes.
Lovers of the industrial style will opt for metal cages. To suspend or to pose in matte black or color.
Next expected creation: new lampshades made from… scallops!
So fall for a Hoopzï pendant light! Naturally!

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