Tips before buying a chaise longue sofa

chaise longue sofa

A daybed sofa is easy to adapt to the living room, and its design brings comfort. Moreover, it is available in different sizes for any room.

Adding a new piece of furniture to your home is not a decision you have to make right from the start. You have to search quietly until you find furniture whose characteristics are suitable for the room that will receive it. A chaise longue sofa is a practical option, beautiful and adaptable to any decoration.

The elegance of these sofas is complemented by comfort. Hundreds of models are out there, so the review should be thorough in getting the quality and design right. What should be taken into account before choosing it? Here are some practical tips.

Why choose a chaise longue sofa?

Meridian-type sofas are designed to offer functionality without neglecting aesthetics. It is a versatile piece of furniture, available in different sizes, which does not make it challenging to find the perfect model for your room.

Its “L” shape makes it more comfortable than conventional furniture. By this same quality, it stands out as a place of rest since you can lie down and take a nap or transform it into a guest bed.

Another advantage is that they allow the feet to rest, which improves postural hygiene. And is that, as detailed in a publication of the University General Hospital of Catalonia, a lousy sitting position can lead to discomfort such as back pain.

What should be considered before buying a chaise longue sofa?

There are some aspects regarding daybed sofas that you can consider to avoid surprises after purchase. Take note.


The idea is that it does not look too small in the room and that the dimensions are, at most, the surface intended to accommodate it. Although it may look great at first glance, remember that the size of the store is not the size of your living room; the proper thing is to compare the measurements to find out if it fits and how you would play with the space.

Take the noted measurements and ask a sales consultant to help you find an adjustable chaise in those proportions. Examine the dimensions of the seats, armrests, backrests, and overall length.

Likewise, you need to think about the number of people in the house, as it guides the capacity of the furniture you need. The daybeds are generally delivered with a minimum of 2 seats and flexible space.


The frame is the support of the lounge chair. So be sure to choose one strong enough for a long life. Solid wood is the recommended material. Specifically, pine offers a lightweight design with almost no chance of warping.


Upholstery is the key to a sofa’s comfort. Consult the seller for the density of the foam that inflates the furniture; if it is less than 25 kilos, find another one. It is precisely the padding that provides comfort when sitting and resting the back.

Foam, silicone, and hollow fiber are other elements frequently used by manufacturers to benefit the lower back. This is in addition to applying thermal insulation technology and with enveloping capacity.


The main attraction of these models is the elongated rim, which is not an interchangeable part. For this reason, pay attention to the sector where you will place the chair and ensure that the chaise is in the correct orientation of the room. It’s a mistake to bring home a daybed on a side that doesn’t belong in the room.


The sliding system of some daybeds increases their functionality; try to choose them because they do not change the position of the meridians, even if they are elongated. This is thanks to the adjustable bearings.

The feet

In metal, wood, or galvanized, the feet must support the weight of the furniture and its occupants. Likewise, they require a composition that tolerates the friction of products for cleaning the sofa and the floor. Their height should not be underestimated in this order of ideas since they facilitate the toilet under the furniture.

Additional seats

The classic daybed allows 2 additional seats on the sofa, but there are up to 5 other chairs, maybe a little more. It is the width of the room that determines the number of additional people who enter.


Stain-resistant coatings are suitable for living with children or pets. In the last scenario, leather textiles are unsuitable, as they are more susceptible to scratches or bites. Consider carefully until you find a fabric that goes with the interior design of your home and is easy to maintain.

Evaluate other aspects of the purchase of a chaise longue sofa

In addition to quality, design, and vacant space, other considerations stand out. One of them is the warranty. It is not a question of acquiring a beautiful piece of furniture of poor quality but of obtaining an armchair that meets the use, you intend to give.

The budget is the next factor. Even if you want a luxury daybed, ask yourself if this expense will throw your finances off balance. Specify how much money you need to invest in the sofa and, based on this, make a purchase suitable for your pocket.

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