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Why use professional paint for your renovations?

paint for your renovations

Whether on the new or renovation market, the choice of paint is crucial. Indeed, it is the basis of the finish and the expected aesthetic rendering. For a thoughtful purchase, choose professional paint—the point of its advantages.

Easy to apply paint

Professional paint has unique properties. It differs from classic paint by its composition rich in resin. The result is a creamy, easy-to-apply texture that adheres to all surfaces. In addition to being easy to use, the professional paint has excellent coverage and a microporous texture. It is, therefore, the best option for hiding stains and imperfections and for better ventilation.

This type of paint is also used as an opacifier to have a perfectly homogeneous rendering and to ensure the durability of the chosen shade. Moreover, it is a good investment. Because professional paint adheres easily, it saves you coats of paint. Although it is easy to apply, it is best to entrust the work to a professional to obtain the expected result.

Better resistance

The professional paint convinces with its longevity. In most cases, this type of paint has good resistance to oxidation, which allows it to remain intact for 10 or even 30 years. Note that the surrounding environment, however, influences its durability. Also, be aware that each professional paint has a specific use. Some are designed to treat, protect, or maintain, while others are purely decorative. For their part, multi-media paints generally have anti-rust properties.

A quality product

Professional paint is subjected to numerous tests before it is put on sale and is evaluated via safety sheets from the Reach regulation. In this context, producers are obliged to comply with restrictions on the content of chemical compounds and inform customers of the presence of substances of concern. Many products belong to the category of ecological paints. Therefore, professional paint must guarantee quality on several points. It must have a specific covering power, a homogeneous final finish, and good resistance over time (more than 12 years). It must also demonstrate good color stability, ease of application, and actual performance on the finish. Unlike consumer paints, professional paints are packaged to be available in relatively large quantities.

Great versatility

Like classic paints, professional paint can be acrylic or glycerol with different finishes (matte, satin, or gloss). Satin acrylic paint is particularly recommended in damp rooms. It comes in several shades, up to 300 shades. However, it is essential to choose a formula adapted to the support. For information, paints for metal are designed with anti-rust properties to resist humidity.

Specific characteristics

Professional paints are suitable for painting a wall, ceiling, or floor for the first time or as part of a renovation. They differ from classic and standard paints by their specific characteristics. Indeed, these products are formulated in such a way as to highlight a particular function or property. There are versions intended for the various supports’ treatment, decoration, protection, or maintenance. Some professional paints can also combine several properties. Thus, you will find professional paints designed to protect metal supports from allowing quick drying, anti-rust, anti-humidity, or anti-odor. You can also find products distinguished by their velvety appearance, the absence of projection, or their microporous finish. A professional paint’s characteristics are mentioned on its technical data sheet. This is the case for labeled paintings signed and sold by the Tollens brand.

Safety standards

Whether professional or classic, paints are made up of several chemical ingredients that can be dangerous. Therefore, informing users of their presence in the product and any associated risks is essential. This information is contained in the Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, which must be supplied with professional paint. In addition, professional paints benefit from certain guarantees and certifications that serve as consumer benchmarks.