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How to choose the colors to paint the kitchen?

colors to paint the kitchen

The choice of colors for painting the kitchen can be complicated. We will offer you our best advice to help you choose the right one.

The kitchen may not be the room in the house that guests visit most, but it is one of the most critical places. This is where we spend a large part of our lives. We are therefore going to explain to you how to choose the right colors to paint your kitchen.

Colors affect mood in different ways. If we do not find the environment pleasant and comfortable, we likely transfer these sensations to the food when cooking. Thus, the various tones of the palette of the visual spectrum are generally associated with specific sensations.

Just as green can evoke vitality and hope, purple is linked to spirituality. It is, therefore, essential to understanding which colors go best with each housing space if we want to inspire a feeling of harmony and well-being.

Tips for choosing colors to paint your kitchen

paint the kitchen

When choosing the colors to paint a kitchen, in addition to using feng shui techniques and the psychology of color, we can complete our choice with aesthetic criteria.

The exciting idea is to establish a game of contrasts between cold and warm, bright and dark, and pastel and saturated tones. Another alternative can be to think of the space as a themed kitchen. For example, if we are used to preparing desserts there or if it is a place where we taste and have lunch, we can paint the kitchen with chocolate or coffee tones.

 recommended colors for painting the kitchen

Certain tones are not advisable when choosing the best colors to paint the kitchen8 ideas for successfully decorating your interior with the color mustardOne of them is white. While this tone has qualities, it can become routine and boring.

Another color that we do not recommend is red because it has a strong visual impact. In the following lines, we suggest the best tones for your kitchen.



It is a warm tone that goes very well with white or metallic furniture. It can also create a certain harmony with wood, which makes it an ideal color for rustic-style kitchens.



Anyone looking to have a retro-style kitchen will surely remember that this tone was used frequently in the 50s and 60s. Moreover, since it is a soft color, it can be combined with a little white to have more luminosity and avoid a feeling of reduced space.



It is an exciting tone that can be combined with metallic furniture or white paint on the coatings. Also, it is one of the few colors in the range of vibrant tones capable of increasing brightness.

Like orange, it is a tone that evokes feelings of joy, even if its visual load is less important. It is, therefore, one of the fascinating colors when painting the kitchen.

Use of ecological paints when painting the kitchen

Besides polluting the planet, the usual paints for the house generally consist of elements that affect human health. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create ecological paints that are not harmful to the environment and family members.

You can look at a hardware or DIY store to find out which substances are the least harmful and whether they contain low-polluting products. An investment of this type contributes to the decoration of the home but also protects your family.

Remember: we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Making this space pleasant can also mean making it healthy and choosing the paint carefully.


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