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Clever and elegant small kitchens

How to design a very small kitchen

When space is scarce in the kitchen, it takes ingenuity and mischief to make it practical. And solutions there are many: between clever storage and space-saving furniture, small kitchens no longer need to envy large ones, the proof.

As with all small spaces, we think ahead before launching headlong into our project. The more he has matured, the more errors will be avoided. Before imagining the plans for our future small kitchen or redeveloping it, we consider our way of life. Kitchen fans that multiply robots and other culinary gadgets will need more space for cooking and storing than microwave fans. All that remains is understanding the space to store everything without the layout and its optimization becoming a headache.

How to design a very small kitchen?

Clever and elegant small kitchens

To begin with, functionality and circulation are thought of. We also optimize the entire height under the ceiling with tall furniture to multiply the storage space. You can opt for shelves if the kitchen is open to the living room. Airier than cupboards, they are an idea for a small kitchen to make the space more convivial. In a narrow room, we quickly bet on low furniture without doors to avoid opening problems. They can occasionally be replaced by a pretty little curtain, ideal for hiding dishes or food products. We also think about organizing our equipment. To do this, we favor built-in appliances, a magnetic credenza to hang storage boxes, or a bar to hang utensils.

To save a little space on the worktop, why choose a two-burner hob, a sink slightly smaller than the standard size, or retractable sockets?

Anyway, we invest all the nooks and square centimeters at our disposal.

Bet on space-saving furniture


To optimize the room, space-saving furniture is preferred. Does a corner take more work to access? We install a corner cupboard with a revolving shelf inside. It then becomes a formidable ally to keep everything close at hand. A very narrow space? We love the minimal sliding spice storage. No place to eat? The retractable table is ideal, whether in an ultra-discreet version (which hides in a drawer) or a folding version against the wall.

Gain in functionality with smart kitchen units

Folding chairs

Nowadays, the problem of lack of space in urban apartments is increasingly taken into consideration. As a result, household appliance brands are rushing into this niche for our greatest pleasure. So to enjoy all the comforts of our mini-kitchen, we set our sights on a coffee maker, a robot, or a smart toaster. Narrower than usual or multifunctional models, they will find their place easily on our worktop.
Folding chairs to hang up when not in use, a practical kitchen trolley both for storing or becoming a side table, an almost invisible hood, or tilting tap to place under a window… are all clever solutions to give the air of large to an XXS kitchen.

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