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The secrets of a bedroom in which you sleep well

The secrets of a bedroom in which you sleep well

You love your bedroom, but does it help your sleep? No, if its layout is poorly thought out, if disorder reigns, or if the temperature is inadequate. Discover the secrets of a bedroom in which you sleep – terribly – well!

The room

the room

You must choose the right room to make your bedroom a wellness space par excellence. Stop misconceptions: the bedroom doesn’t have to be big. On the contrary, we want a cocoon, and the space favors the accumulation of decoration, furniture, and clutter (even if you are a storage pro). Prefer a medium-sized room with good natural light and away from noises that interfere with your sleep.

The ideal? A room that overlooks a garden or a courtyard to be quiet when it comes time to relax. And if you don’t have this type of room at home, don’t panic: our other tips will help you fall into the arms of Morpheus with complete peace of mind.



Whether in the middle of a heat wave or in the heart of winter, the room’s temperature is one of the keys to good sleep. Ideally, this room should display a temperature between 16° and 19° so as not to favor nocturnal awakenings. To regulate it in summer, close your shutters or blinds to keep it cool and, in winter, opt for a cozy duvet rather than excessive heating.

Lovers of beautiful sheets and beautiful duvets, be aware that linen bed linen is the favorite material in all seasons due to its thermo-regulated nature, which cools you in case of high temperatures and warms you during harsh winters.

The bed

The bed should not be chosen lightly as the central element of the room and the foundation of your well-being. If everyone adopts the mattress that suits them, it is best to go for a firm model. It’s tempting to want a soft bed, but that’s a mistake to avoid. Too much flexibility accentuates muscle pain and, therefore, poor sleep. Test it before adopting it definitively in your cocoon; you will be all the more satisfied.

I prefer to put the headboard against the wall on the layout side. You will avoid being stuck in space while promoting the flow of energy in the room. Here, windows and doors are not your allies: a bed facing or back to the window exposes you to too much light, outside noise, and drafts. Quite the opposite of the perfect recipe for pleasant nights.

As for your door, it should not face your bed because it is a place of passage, which disturbs sleep in feng shui principles.


bedroom decoration

We know how difficult it is to restrict yourself when you’re addicted to decoration, but you will have to in the bedroom. A disruptive element of your sleep, the decoration must sublimate the space but not clutter it. Start with the color of your walls. A white bedroom is not necessarily the most relaxing since it is a color that accentuates the feeling of emptiness. To warm up the space, opt for powdery tones, which will take care of the softness, an exotic strip of wallpaper, a symbol of a change of scenery, and even darker colors, creating a cocoon effect. On one or more walls, color brings that little extra that we love.

If you love accumulating photos on the wall or multiplying baskets, know that less is better. Forget bulky objects and books lying around everywhere; it’s time to clear the way with a light decor but in tune with the times. And for a successful cocoon effect? Juxtapose the bed linen for a very current bohemian-chic spirit.

Bedroom Storage

Bedroom Storage

Whether you’re a storage pro or not, clutter is a source of stress. Even if you find yourself in your mess, your clothes should end up in the dressing room, your bed linen in the chest of drawers (with the drawers tightly closed), and your jewelry in their pretty storage boxes. By tidying up, your room will seem more pleasant to you.

A little cleaning will be welcome for those who work in their room and the lucky ones who have an adjoining bathroom. In the office space, store your papers, sort your pens and clean your shelves. In the bathroom area, polish the sink, empty the trash can and fold the towels. Thus, you will optimize the bedroom space so dear to your well-being.


Lighting bedroom

Poorly dosed lighting and your whole sleep become disrupted. Why? Because an excess of light has harmful effects on the sleep hormone, namely melatonin. Consider the dimmer if you like pretty ceiling lights, spotlights, and other suspensions. These lights generate excitement when you need to relax, so forget task lights unless you can manage their brightness and opt for soft lights.

Fans of naps, lazy mornings, and summer nights will quickly adopt blackout curtains or blinds to prevent natural light from entering the room. You will kill two birds with one stone by combining benefits for your sleep and style. It’s time for bed.

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