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Winter 2023: how to equip your parents’ bedroom?


During the winter, the bedroom becomes a refuge in which everyone seeks warmth and comfort. The cold season is approaching, so taking care of the necessary equipment for your bedroom becomes urgent.

The main bedroom is also known as the master suite. As the name suggests, a suite should be adequately equipped so the couple can stay in the room to satisfy all their needs. A good night’s sleep is not its only objective. It must be both practical and convenient.
To prepare for the winter of 2023, here are a few tips for outfitting your primary bedroom.

Tips for your parents’ bedroom

Opt for a comfortable bed

The bed is the first piece of equipment that must be well chosen in a parental bedroom. It should not only be comfortable. It would help if you made it look good, as it will be the center of attention.
You should know that during winter, you don’t only go to your bed to sleep. You can also snuggle up to escape the cold. The bed must be adapted to your morphology to make these moments pleasant.

For you to be comfortable, it is essential that you can move as you, please.
The bed must therefore have a large size. In this case, you have two choices. Either you opt for a Queen size bed with a dimension of 160×200 cm or a King size bed measuring 180×200 cm. However, you should ensure that your bedroom has a surface area of 10 square meters before adopting a king-size bed.

The space around the bed should also give you a feeling of well-being. To avoid feeling confined, you should leave a distance of 90 cm around your bed. This will also make it easier to move around the room.
You can also create a space for reading at the foot of your bed. Therefore, add a fake fur rug, cushions and a soft plaid.

Finally, you need to analyze every corner of your room to find the ideal location for your bed. Above all, avoid places that are too exposed to noise and cold.
It would help if you gave priority to a room’s luminosity. However, this does not mean you have to place your bed near the window. It is advisable to place it facing the openings. You should also consider your privacy if you have a terrace in front of it.

For an entry-level model, a king-size bed is priced at $700. If you want a mattress that combines comfort and refinement, you should spend around 2500 dollars.

Choose different types of linens carefully

Since the bedroom can take on several roles simultaneously, you need to introduce several linens to make it functional. Apart from their practicality, they will also contribute to the decoration of your bedroom.
The bed linen occupies an important place in a parental bedroom. We are talking about pillowcases, sheets and comforter covers. Your choice of colors and material will be made according to your room’s decoration style.

In any case, you must take into account the season. Since it is winter, dark colors are strongly recommended. These shades can indeed concentrate the heat to offer you maximum well-being.
For the curtains, you should prefer thick curtains to keep the most heat inside your room. Thanks to the quality of your curtains, you will limit the transmission of cold. Therefore, you will be able to restrict the use of your heater.
On the price side, count about 200 dollars for a comforter that measures 260×240 cm. Then, a pillowcase measuring 50×70 cm is priced at 30 dollars, while a cotton sheet measuring 140×190 cm is about 40 dollars.

Integrating a bathroom

Earlier, we said that a master bedroom should have all the necessary facilities so that the couple can meet all their needs. Therefore, the bathroom is one of the highlights of this room. The latter can therefore be more independent.
The bathroom will save you the hassle of going back and forth in the hallway when the temperature is at its lowest. Integrated into the bedroom, you can immediately access all your personal belongings. And you have direct access to your bed.

In terms of layout, the bathroom is a connecting room with the main bedroom. However, you need to dedicate a minimum area of 5 m² for this small room to have all the intended facilities.
Regarding equipment, the bathroom must contain a shower or bathtub, depending on the space available, toilets, sinks and storage furniture.

Even if the color and materials chosen in the bathroom must be those of the room, it is still essential to consider hygiene and safety rules.
For this, choose non-slip building materials for the floor and waterproof coating for the walls.

Multiplying storage furniture

The type of furniture to choose for a master bedroom will depend on the size of the room. If you don’t have enough space, it is recommended to go vertical. To do this, put in place cabinets high enough to introduce your entire wardrobe.

You can also add a dressing table to store your make-up accessories. To have more space, a queen size trunk bed will naturally find its place. This equipment will allow you to hide your linen or personal effects under the mattress.
With a spacious main bedroom, a dressing room is the best solution in terms of storage. It is not only a significant advantage in terms of saving space but also an added value in terms of decoration.

In addition, the dressing room frees up a maximum amount of space in the room. It is an additional room that is an integral part of the room. In addition to your clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery, you can also create a space to get ready. You need to install a seat, a mirror and lights.

Opt for mood-setting lighting

During the winter, the weather is usually cloudy. As a result, lighting is in high demand. Besides illuminating the room, light can be used to create a romantic atmosphere in the room. The current trend is towards filament bulbs.
Choose subdued light for a primary suite to have a soft and muffled atmosphere. Instead of putting a ceiling light, choose a beautiful hanging lamp in the middle of the room for 25 dollars.

Then add wall lights at 30 dollars above the headboard. You can also put lampshades on the bedside tables. These cost around 40 dollars.
If you have a dressing room, spotlights are the most suitable lighting for this place. A set of 10 spots is 20 dollars. Besides that, the bathroom should also have lights to optimize its functionality.

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